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About Us

The South African Viola Society (SAVS) aims to be active through-out South Africa. Activity in Gauteng province (Pretoria and Johannesburg) as well as Cape Town is already enthusiastic and alive. We aim to include the other provinces as well.

Contact us if you would like to get your area on the map (or is that “on the viola?”)!

The current executive committee of the South African Viola Society is:

President Hester Wohlitz-Udal violawohlitz@metroweb.co.za
Vice President Marina Louw marina.louw@mweb.co.za
Secretary Jane Matthews jmatthews@xsinet.co.za

Other active members, "violanteers" and enthusiasts of the SAVS includes Elmarie van der Vyver, Mia Rich and Lizz Rennie.